(To be typed on Rs.100/.Stamp Paper)
I, _____________________________________________________ S/o, D/o _________________________________________ stR/o ________ _____________________________________ a candidate in 1 Year MBBS for the academic session 2014-2015 do hereby state on solemn affirmation /oath as under:

1.    That if I am allowed admission in MBBS at Indus MedicalCollege, Tando Muhammad  Khan.        I shall abide all rules and regulations of PMDC, University and College, from time to time.

2.    That all documents submitted by me along with application form are genuine and correct and no false document has been submitted. If any document/information is found to be  false, incorrect or otherwise I know that my admission is liable to be cancelled.

3.    That after my final admission/ provisional admission at Indus Medical College, Tando Muhammad Khan in MBBS, I will obey the order of administration of Indus Medical College & be regular & punctual in attending the classes and hospital posting.

4.    That I also undertake not to involve myself in any kind of political activity throughout my tenure in this institution as a student and in case I am found involved in such activities, the authority of the institution shall be at liberty to expel / rusticate me and to cancel my admission or can impose fine upon me.

5.    That I also state that I have gone through all the rules, terms and conditions of the  admissions, studies.

6.    That whatever is stated above is true & correct to the best of my knowledge, belief & information.

Signature of the Deponent                                                                                                           NIC ___________________________

The deponent named above is identified by me to commissioner for taking affidavit.


Solemnly affirmed on oath this day ___________ of ________________2014 at _______________ by deponent named above who is identified to me by Mr. Ms.________________ Advocate whom Iknow. The contents were first truly & audibly read over & expalined to the deponent in ___________ language who appears to have understood the same & put his/ her signature in my presence.

Attestation ________________ Ist Class Magistrate



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