Campus and Facilities

The Campus and Facilities

Library & Learning Resource Centre

Indus Medical College houses a fully air-conditioned Library with a capacity to accommodate more than 150 students. It has an elaborate collection of medical literature in Pakistan, both in print and digital formats. Keeping in view the ever increasing need of e-learning in the present era, the library is equipped with Hi-tech computers and internet facility, so that the students can derive maximum benefit from the available online resources. It is also equipped with latest research articles and contributions by local and international research  scholars.




Lecturer Halls:

All the Lecture Halls are fully Air Conditioned, each with the capacity to accommodate 150 students. The lecture halls are equipped with a Power point projector, sound system, an E-podium & Wifi to ensure better delivery of audio visual lecture. The rooms are echo proof & provide an ideal environment for lectures and discussions.


Co-Curricular Activities:

Co-curricular activities are extremely essential in developing confidence and providing the complete Institutional experience. We believe that active bodies bring about an active mind. The college has a separate department for co-curricular activities that shall work on developing students to be physically active and be responsible, for organizing events, competitions and conferences. Students would be provided necessary facilities for variety of sports. They shall be encouraged to take part in Debates, declamations, conferences and competitions within and outside the College & the sister institutions.

Skill Lab:

No knowledge can be deemed     incomplete without practical application. Indus Medical College features state-ofthe-art skills lab where students can learn procedures like drawing blood and placing an NG tube and other hands-on procedures on mannequins to ensure that students master the skills required in clinical practice.



The college campus encompasses fairly spacious and airconditioned caféteria for the students and faculty members. The management ensure availability of Hygienic and edible food.
Mortuary and Animal House There is a mortuary and an animal house within premises for the purpose of providing facility for dissection which is an integral part of anatomy and animal experimentation for teaching and research purpose.


There is Newly built Masjid within College premises where more than 200 people can  offer the Prayer.




Common Rooms:

There are separate air-conditioned common rooms for both boys and girls, each furnished with comfortable sofa seating for relaxation in between the teaching session breaks.







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