BY PARENT / GUARDIAN (To be typed on Rs.50/= Stamp Paper)

I _____________________________________________________ S/O _______________________________________ R/o ______________________________________________________________________________________ holding CNIC No:  _____________________do undertake that Mr./ Miss: _________________ is my son/daughter. If he/she is admitted in Indus Medical College, I will pay his/her full tuition fee and other charges before the commencement of every Academic Session as per College rules and will not apply for any Financial Assistance or Instalments or Migration during the studies. If I leave the College during the course, I will be liable to pay dues of remaining periods of 5 years course. I shall pay all the University dues i.e,  examination fee, enrolment fee etc as per University Rules and shall abide all the changes made in fees without notice by the college authorities. I also understand that if my son/daughter/ward is found involved in any political, ethnical or any other subversive activity prejudice to moral character, I shall have no objection on his / her rustication  from the College.
Signature of Parent / Guardian___________________________________ 
Full Address ______________________________________________________
C.N.I.C No.________________________________________________________
Phone No.________________________________________________________

Attested by 1st: Class Magistrate 



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